Warranty Information

Your JENNY watch is hand-crafted in Switzerland from Swiss Made parts, and is designed to exceed the stringent industry standards. If however you need to return your watch to us for a warranty inspection and repair within the one year warranty period, please note that initial shipping costs are to be paid by the shipper. If upon inspection, the issue is the result of a manufacturing defect or flaw, JENNY watches will complete the required repairs and return the watch at no cost to you.

Warranty inspections and repairs are handled by the Jenny Watches in Switzerland. It is very important that you contact JENNY Watches before shipping your watch to us for repair or service and request an RMA number. JENNY Watches bears no responsibility for an unauthorized or unscheduled shipment.

To commemorate the 50 year anniversary and in celebration of this historic Swiss brand, we are proud to announce the rebirth of the classic JENNY dive watch – the new JENNY Caribbean 300.